Thoughts on Translation

The art of translation requires a keen sense of both the source languages’ as well as the target languages’ culture. To create an accurate depiction of the original text, a translator needs to understand the source text writer’s background in their socioeconomic, professional and personal environment and their intent behind the document.

A love for reading and a skill for writing is necessary to be a great translator. What is of great help to the person who performs translations, is the ability to be curious about a great variety of subjects and have the tools and willingness to research and communicate with colleagues in the field about ways of expressing often entirely new concepts in another language.

Translation is a very unique form of creation, one that requires not only creativity, but also a scientific mindset and an ability to adapt oneself and one’s work as closely and accurately as possible to the original idea.

In this sense, translation attempts what none else attempts:
A suspended split between art and science.

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