About Me

My passion for languages started in early childhood, when my parents sent me to a Waldorf School, where I was taught French and English starting in first grade. Later on I went to schools that taught in both German and/or English and French.

The travel bug caught me when my parents took me and my brother to Italy, where we spent the summers learning acrobatics with the local kids. I have always been invariably drawn to foreigners, the exotic and the unknown and made them my friends. Thus, I developed a very keen sense of language while growing up which made my choice of university easy.

Today I am still that inquisitive child inside that loves to research and learn about the world and always strive to become a better translator than I was yesterday. This is expressed in my work ethic and my desire to deliver the best work possible.

In an effort to provide the highest expertise and best translations possible, I collaborate with advisers who have technical and legal backgrounds and use university educated native speakers to edit all translations. My work hours are flexible to accommodate global clients in other time zones.

In 2003, after three years of study at BFS, Kempten, Germany, I received a Degree in Foreign Language Correspondence. After which I worked in various capacities around the Spanish, French and English speaking world, i.e. a real estate company, a public relations office, for Adventure Island Tours, as well as for the restaurant chain, Block House, in Mallorca, Alicante, Marbella and Malaga, Spain; Seattle, WA; Buenos Aires, Argentina; San Diego, CA; Montreal, Canada; Budapest, Hungary; Paris, France; Kyoto, Japan.

After three additional years of study, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Applied Languages from SDI Munich, Germany in 2009. Since 2010 I live, study and work alternatively in Los Angeles, California and Munich, Germany.

Some of the clients I have worked for include: Deutsche Bahn, Samsung Galaxy, Mopria Alliance, Schott (Solar) Group, Hanes Brands, Engage Technologies Corporation, Ruch Novaplast, Maximpact Ecosystems, Air Liquide, Seiko, Fischer Maschinen GmbH, The General Hospital Corporation, KONE Care, IQAir, Hewlett-Packard, the Governments of Spain, Germany and the U.S..

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